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Event - 'The Ghillie Suit'
Event - 'The Ghillie Suit'
Event - 'The Ghillie Suit'
Event - 'The Ghillie Suit'
Event - 'The Ghillie Suit'

Bespoke Experiences

Regular price £750

We have a list of incredible lessons, workshops & adrenaline filled experiences. Why not tell us what kind of experience you would like to have? Exchange your formal work attire for a camouflage ghillie suit perhaps? Or just get away from the urban jungle and escape to a remote part of the outdoors to learn from elite instructors with Commandos or Special Forces backgrounds!


  • 1 day
  • 3 day
  • 7 days & 7 nights 

Activities & Experience

  • Military tactics - have fun learning soldiering skills and then putting them to the test!
  • Sharp shooter training with full bore rifles
  • Bushcraft & Survival lessons
  • Minimalist camping
  • Paint-balling with military skills 
  • Self defence & unarmed combat lessons

Typically includes

  • Asanox gift
  • 50% discount on any jacket 
  • Transfers
  • Specialist activities
  • Bed & board

Group size and payments 

  • Prices from £750pp and will vary depending on number of participants and activities
  • Please contact us to discuss costings.