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For those who might read this and don't know me, my name is James and I started Asanox back in about 2015. A one man band originally focused on encouraging all to escape the city to enjoy the great outdoors. Something I believe is a key part of maintaining our sanity whilst living amongst the hustle and bustle. 

I suppose the way I see it is: Fresh air, wildlife, the elements, mountains and all things nature, give us a sense of freedom, escapism and an opportunity to digitally detox and shut off albeit temporarily) from emails and the intensity of the urban jungle. 

I like to think I am generally an optimistic chap who enjoys his exercise and offering advice on fitness related subjects. Like most I enjoy a drink although more and more it's becoming a German Alkohol-frei beer or in small quantities the occasion Speyside whisky (Check out Balblair 99, a splendid drop!). I also find solace in the hills and have a real urge to hike/run up things where I can enjoy a good view.

More recently my optimistic character has become a little less so, with the sobering news of plastics in our oceans. I will admit openly when it comes to being 'green', I am far from perfect and could be always be better. I do what I can, however, to improve my green footprint, one example with the oceans in mind: I try to buy glass water bottles over a plastic one for two reasons: One, because the mineral quality of the water is better, and two, it's one less plastic bottle to break down into micro plastic -of which could be potentially digested by a fish - that may land up on my plate one day! Sound far fetched? Well, sadly it's now a scientific fact.

Wether you want to believe it or not, all our actions as humans, however small, are not only affecting climate change they are now affecting our seas and oceans. The fish we eat are consuming the plastic we throw away and our wildlife is dying; dead birds are being found with plastic in their stomachs and the same for our beloved docile whales. 

A rather sad and troubling reflection of our actions. It bodes the question what kind of life are we facing in the future and leaving for the next generation? 

It is because of these frustrations that I made the decision to start pointing our business into a more sustainable direction. It adds more challenges, especially to a start-up, however I believe it will be worth the effort! 

Yes, I hope Asanox can be a profitable business, but I don't want to be just another brand in the market. The fashion industry is one of the biggest causes for pollution and I hope we can be part of a greener movement. 

If we can get enough 'pledgers' for a successful Kickstarter Campaign this September we will not only be able to start using more sustainable fabrics we will also be able to donate some of our profits to our chosen environmental charity, Surfers Against Sewage. A charity driven to making a change to the health of our planet. 

For those interested in reading more about the plastics in our ocean issue. Visit:

Plastic Oceans

Surfers Against Sewage

Sky News

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