Our Kickstarter Project

If you are unfamiliar with Kickstarter, the easy way to explain it is it acts as a crowdfunding campaign that allows a people with ideas to raise the money to go to production. Those who want to support the campaign 'pledge' and in return receive anything from tickets to a VIP party to reduced value on the products being made.

Many companies of various industries from all over the world use Kickstarter to help raise funds. From computer games to fashion. 

In our case we need Kickstarter to help fund production for our next collection. Having tried and tested the prototypes we are really proud of our new products and very keen to head in a new sustainable direction!

During the initially stages of our clothing journey we were fortunate enough to buy stock which wasn't being used and we could order in low numbers. A most welcomed gesture to help us get going! Now, however, we want to grow the collection and have greater minimums to order. With a successful Kickstarter in affect we can 'make to order' and there is very little risk. If we reach our target then we can go ahead with production. All those who funded it (aka 'pledged') receive a fantastic deal on quality products. If we don't reach the total then all those supported us receive their money back. We will step away with a slight loss and to scratch our heads as to why it went wrong!

Here are the benefits to supporting our project:

  • You get awesome quality products made from the best materials at a greatly reduced cost (we avoid retail mark ups & we add large discounts)
  • You get to support a small honest business with sustainable practices
  • You will be part of a community supporting environmental change (we will be offering a % of our profits to SAS.org)

So if you like what you have read, perhaps you might want to get behind our project come 3rd September!

Thanks for reading. Any questions, get in touch!


NB: we will have our page up soon. In the meantime you can browse other examples here


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