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Why these guys chose to play THE GAME

Most Stag parties go to Ibiza, Edinburgh or somewhere sunny to drink their bodyweight in alcohol. A few more adventurous go fishing or canyoning. This group of English lads decided their idea of an epic weekend was in the Highlands of Scotland, learning from a team of elite soldiers and being chased by local highlanders!

Designed to awaken the primitive parts of the brain and to provide a stage for adults to play once again, THE GAME, is an escape and evasion experience in which a fun, fictitious story line is conjured up to give a sense of Special Ops.

On arrival the group were blindfolded and taken into the training camp. Met by their training team the lessons in escaping restraints and how to move tactically at night, commenced. Shortly after their mission brief, the 3 patrols were on standby for a vehicle insertion. They were about to experience an adrenaline fuelled grown up game of hide and seek. The participants however were advised to avoid getting caught!

Once on foot the three patrols under the cover of darkness had to get to the extraction point with an added bonus task of rescuing a bottle of whisky. This was, however, an extra 2km with another 200m climb. Led by experienced soldiers they were hunted by a local search force who had the advantage of land speed with Landrovers and all-terrain vehicles. Dressed in camouflaged ghillie suits the hunter force also had thermal imaging and high powered lamps to aid their search. 

After 3 hours playing a what could only be described as a grand scaled 'man hunt' the patrols made it to their pick up point.  With some close calls, all seemed elated to return without capture. What happens next, however, is something you'll have to find out for yourself...

The next day was an early start for the group. From learning bushcraft, survival to self defence lessons from a former Special Forces operator.  To sharp shooting with a former Commando sniper team, to lessons in how to dominate your mates at the next paint-balling event, the guys had an action packed day. The experience was then concluded with a sit down dinner led by the highland piper on the banks of a glistening Loch Tay!


I would like to thank Wildfox events for the equipment hire and to Stay Loch Tay for their accomodation and incredible food. A massive thanks to all those that attended!

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