The Commando Adventure 'OP WM"

During the War in 1943 a small place called Achnacarry (not far from Fort William) was designated as the spot to train wannabie Commandos. Off the radar and out of sight these men were put through intensive training to be deployed behind German lines. Steeped in rich military history this was an area we were eager to explore. ASANOX took a group of London city goers to the area to embrace a fictional challenge named "Op Whisky Munro". The challenge consisted of recreating what the soldiers were likely to have done to prepare for their roles as Commandos. After a traditional Scottish meal of haggis, neaps and tatties the group got an early night for their prompt start on the Loch. Setting off just before dawn the group started their canoe phase down Loch Arkaig. Experiencing four seasons in about an hour is typical of the highlands. We were the only ones on the Loch and when the sun shone through we were blessed with some magical moments. We got to the end of the water phase and hauled the vessels onto the trailer. We then set off to embark on our hike. Despite the chilly winds, occasional hail and some challenging terrain, the sun shone which made for some inspiring times. After 12hrs we returned back to the lodging for a well earned meal and an early night. Little did the group know they were probably the only ones (apart from the Commandos) to cover that route! If you want space and feeling of remoteness, you must explore the Scottish Highlands.


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