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Lightbulb moments that the earth needs

The Young Eco Einstein 

The brilliant innovation brain of Boyan Slat who founded the project at the age of 17 years has helped develop a large scale device that cleans up refuse floating in the oceans. They are still in a development stage, however, with floating refuse believed to be the next 'climate change issue' this couldn't come quicker. Well done young lad.


Scientific Surfers & floating bins

Created by a couple of passionate surfers frustrated about the dirty waters they had to surf in came up with an ingenious design. A floating bin that attracts floating waste. Talented dudes.

Pedal bike that charges your house

After making billions from his 5hr energy drink has set up a new business looking at tackling issues our planet faces. One of these is greatly needed in some developing parts of the world, however, it might be something developed countries look to with the obesity crisis on our hands! In short, 1hr of cycling on a bike can charge a house for 24hrs. So you not only keep healthy you can cook, read and help save the planet at the same time! Nice work.  


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