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5 top tips to buying a winter jacket

How do you know you’re paying for what you get? The truth is prices don’t always reflect the quality. We can easily persuade ourselves that ‘it's expensive so it must be good!’. But is this always the case? We advise investigating 5 areas before you buy.

Fabrics: Does the outer fabric have water repellent properties? This is a must for rainy or snowy winter days and keeps out any moisture. 

Filling: What kind of filling does the jacket have? The best thing for warmth are duck or goose down, however there is also high performance synthetic filling on the market. ‘Hollowfill’ and ‘Thermore’ are well known companies who create high-quality synthetic filling and many brands will display their hand tags on their clothing. When you are in cold climates and you are very active use more layers with moderate insulation. Exercising will help keep your core temperature up so having the ability to strip layers is important. For less active excursions like watching sport live, going for walks or windy boat trips for example, thicker more insulated garments would be advised.

Practical details: Does the jacket have a limited number of pockets? Or small pockets? This may be impractical in winter, especially when wearing gloves. Long zip pullers also facilitate quick access. 

Hood: Is your hood filled with down as well? Is it lined with fur? Remember, your head gets cold too and it’s one of the main areas where we lose heat. There is a huge difference in insulation when choosing between real or faux fur. For extreme and windy climates you are best protected against the cold with real fur. If however you mainly use your jacket in the city and milder environments faux fur is a great alternative.

Length: It may seem like a minor fashion decision, however the length of your jacket can make a massive difference to keeping you warm. For very cold or snowy climates a jacket longer than hip length is a better option.

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