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Think you're STRONG? Check these guys out...

3 people that remind us to live life with a little more grit...

Kim Allan - 86hr run without sleep

Although there is not any video documentation worth showing, a New Zealand woman broke the world record for running without sleep back in 2013— covering 311 miles in 86 hours. Kim Allan, a 47-year-old mother of four, broke the record in Auckland after completing 332 laps of a circuit. Running 311 hours non stop is monumental but running around the same loop over 300 times? That would break some of the most seasoned special forces operatives. The funny thing too, is Kim didn't really like running. Respect. For more info read here


Iron Cowboy  - 50 Ironmen back to back

Running an Ironman is considered a feat of serious endurance but 50 for 50 days in 50 US states is superhuman. James Lawrence set out to test the extremity of human physical and mental endurance and he did just that. During his challenge James was consuming 12500 cals a day and eating 3500 of that for breakfast. Towards the latter stages his body was so broken down he was starting to lose feeling in his extremities. He also feel asleep whilst on his bike ending up in a heap on the side of the road. The question is what next? How will anyone top that?!

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 Kyle Maynard - quadruple amputee endurance athlete

That shoulder niggle gets put into perspective when you read about the legend that is Kyle Maynard. Quadruple amputee has achieved more without any limbs than those that are lucky to have them. The video above is Kyle climbing a mountain. He quite simply defines determination and strength on many levels. He is an inspiration to us all. Good luck Kyle and gods speed. We salute you. 

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