6 facts about our clothing

Functions of the jackets that you may not have known about & how our clothing makes a difference...

  1. 10 PET bottles were made to create the insulation for our jackets. About 20 in total for the Recycled Overcoat which makes it almost 100% recycled. More recycled bottles means less that go into the ocean. Over a million plastic bottles were collected in during a clean up in 2015 and over 800K bottle caps.
  2. Our Ventile Cotton is 100% waterproof due to the way the cotton is weaved. When water hits the fabric it expands to prevent water seeping through. It is also treated with an ECO spray to make it even more robust. Sir Ranulph Fiennes used Ventile in his last expedition.
  3. Our jackets all have mesh pockets which is very useful for storage. Especially at the security check at the airport! The jackets can be folded into the mesh pocket to store away or act as a pillow when travelling. You can store 3L of beer in the Cotton Sports jacket. Yes 3!
  4. Each time you buy one of our ECO collection you will be donating to supporting the plastic ocean issue. The fashion industry is the 2nd worst polluter on the planet (after Oil industry).
  5. All the trims and fabrics are high-end and sourced from European suppliers. From YKK zippers to Ventile, Themore insulation to organic cotton. Fabrics that if well looked after will last decades. 
  6. Our recycled jacket was purposely designed to store ipad or folder if required, side zips to allow for leg motion during cycling and for suits to be worn underneath. 


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