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Scotland's Toughest Event

On the 9th of July a group of intrepid London based city dwellers participated in the Great Artemis Kindrochit Quadrathlon. The ASANOX team comprised of two Spanish lassies and six lads from local and foreign parts.

The event run by David Fox-Pitt and his team (Wildfox Events) have run the event an impressive 16 years drawing in all ages and abilities. The oldest being 68 years and the youngest 17. The event, which has a large emphasis on raising money for two great charities (Mercy Corp and Mary's Meals), may not advertise itself as the most competitive event, it does, however, certainly draw in some incredible athletes. From professionals who run the endurance circuit to those with Special Forces backgrounds, there were some real racing snakes eager to test their abilities on arguably the hardest one day event in Scotland.


The event comprised of a 1 mile swim (0.8mile  if you go straight!) across the Loch, 15 miles over 7 Munros, a 7 mile kayak and a 34 mile bike.

The challenge is unique and the whole event is run with perfection, great spirit and in such positivity. David, Joe and to all the volunteers, hats off to you.  You run the most amazing events.

For more pics of the Quad click here.


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